Jesus Christ came to the world with a vision of the ‘reign of God’: In order to continue His vision the church was established. The one and only mission of the church, as Pope Paul VI stated, is evangelization, by which the ‘reign of God’ will become a daily experience of the people in the world. Pope John Paul II erected the diocese of Neyyattinkara, “in order to promote effectively the work of Evangelization in south India“. For this purpose the diocese adopted a vision of participatory church where the people are to be its agents. Such a vision will not be materialized without having a structural provision. The structure of the diocese is based on the four principles of participation, decentralization, subsidiary and resource mobilization from within. The leadership of the laity has to evolve from the B.C.Cs which is being networked to the parish, the forane vicariate and the diocese.

The Diocese of Neyyattinkara faithfully carries out her mission through various functions of five boards, viz.,

The Board for Pastoral Ministry
The Board for Education Ministry
The Board for Social Action Ministry
The Board for Temporal Administration
The Board for the Clergy and Religious

The activities of the Ministries are dealt with separately.

Coordinators of Ministries : Rt. Rev. Msgr. G. Christudas

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