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His Excellency Pope Francis

Bishop, Diocese of Neyyattinkara

I am very glad and happy to switch on this church website. It is a glad moment for me to be a part of this technological advancement. We live in an era of profound scientific explosions. Science and technology are flying in a fast pace. In this world of knowledge explosions we should never lag behind. Because today the world and people are connected, inter-connected and net-worked. As we juggle the world in the fingertips the world is reduced to smart phones. This era can be rightly said as a cyber era. This 3G world connects us through Wi-Fi technologies. The new venture of the church web site surely will shift the focus of the world towards our hub of knowledge. The fact that we possess a web space highlights to the reality of the standard and growth of our church. Let this site help people, students and parent to track the happenings of the church and get in touch with. On this auspicious occasion I extend my prayers and wishes to all the supporting personnel’s behind this venture. As pope Francis, notes surely media is a mixed blessing and it can develop a world consensus or culture. Let this initiative lead to a new culture that is focused on the central teaching of Jesus, loving and fostering humanity. Also these technological developments should never turn to be “idols”. May god bless you!