School Administration

School Administration


Sl. No Management Committee Director & Corporate Manager Executive Secretary Staff
1 Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel
Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Anil V
Fr. Vijin S. Anjalose
Smt. Sheela M. R. (Office Secretary)
2 Very Rev. Msgr. G. Christudas
(Vicar General)
    Mr. John G. (Correspondent)
3 Very Rev. Dr. Jose Raphael
    Mr. Israel J. K. (Correspondent)
4 Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Anil V
(Corporate Manager)
    Smt. Binita P. C. (Computer Operator)

I. Corporate Management

The role of the Corporate Management is the running and supervision of the Schools under the Diocese. There are 34 schools at the concern of this management.

H.S.S. : 4 ( 2 Aided & 2 unaided)
H.S. : 4 (Aided)
U.P.S. : 6 (Aided)
L.P.S. : 20 (Aided)

There are 430 teachers and 30 non-teaching staff working in the management schools. In the year there are 8504 students studying in our schools.

Schools under the Corporate Management

1 Kamukincode St. Mary’s H.S.S. (Unaided) Anthiyoorkonam L.F.H.S. Chullimanoor S.H.U.P.S. Balaramapuram St. Joseph’s L.P.S.
2 Peyad St. Xavier’s H.S.S. (Unaided) Kamukincode St. Mary’s H.S. Kattakode St. Antony’s U.P.S. Changa St. Mary’s L.P.S.
3 Peyad St. Xavier’s H.S.S. (Aided) Peyad St. Xavier’s H.S. Manickapuram St. Theresa’s U.P.S. Kallikadu St. Anne’s L.P.S.
4 Undencode St. John’s H.S.S.(Aided) Undencode St. John’s H.S. Perayam St. Joseph’s U.P.S. Kazhanad L.F.L.P.S
5     Pottayilkada St. Joseph’s U.P.S. Keezharoor R.C.L.P.S.
6     Vlathankara St. Peter’s U.P.S. Kundamonbhagom St. Mary’s L.P.S.
7       Mavilakadavu St. Jacob’s L.P.S.
8       Mulluvila St. Joseph’s L.P.S.
9       Muthiyavila St. Albert’s L.P.S.
10       Olathanni St. Thresia’s L.P.S.
11       Palode St. George L.P.S.
12       Parantode St. Victor’s L.P.S.
13       Punnakad K.V.L.P.S.
14       Thevanpara S.H.L.P.S.
15       Thoongampara St. Thresia’s L.P.S.
16       Uchakada R.C.L.P.S
17       Udiyankulangara R.C.L.P.S
18       Valiyavila B.M.L.P.S.
19       Veliyamcode St. Thresia’s L.P.S.
20       Venganoor St. Aloysius L.P.S.

Individual Management Educational Institutions Colleges

1 Emmanuel College, Vazhichal, Kudappanamoodu 0471-2248416, 2248113 e-mail : Lourdu Mount H.S.S. Vattappara Vimala Hridaya H.S. Viraly Vimala Hridaya H.S. Viraly St. Mary’s LPS Arangamukal
2 Emmanuel B.Ed Training centre, Vazhichal, Kudappanamood 0471-2248409, 2248562 e-mail : St. Theresa’s Convent G.H.S.S. Neyyattinkara Auxillium School, Vazhichal All Saints UPS Manivila St. Mary’s LPS Mariyapuram
3   Christu Jyothi Senior Secondary School, Chullimanoor   Vimala Hridaya E.M. School, Udiyankulangara St. Jemma L.P.S Malayam
4       Holy Trinity UPS Neduvanvila, Parassala Cherupushpam LPS Nellimoodu
5       Infant Jesus U.P.S. Edaicode, Nemom Vimala Hridaya LPS Viraly
6       St. Xavier’s UPS Thirupuram Holy Cross LPS Arayoor
7       Holy Trinity Public School, Mathapuram St. Theresa’ Malyalam Medium LPS NTA
8       Ursuline UPS Kallamam Notre Dam L.P.S. Idichakkaplamoodu
9       St. Theresa’s UPS Konniyoor Christuraja LPS Ammanimala
10       Mother Theresa Convent School, Kiliyoor Loyola School, Mukunthara
11       Christu Kiran UPS, Thevanpara St. Mary’s E.M. LPS Kamukincode
12         St. Joseph’s LPS Kuzhichani
13         St. Vincent Pallotti CBSE School, Manikkapuram
14         St. Vincent’s of Maria Sammelan English Medium School,Thoongampara
15         St. Joseph’s LPS, Mangalathukonam

1. Management Committee

(Education Board)
This board consists of:
1. Diocesan Bishop
2. Vicar General
3. Diocesan Chancellor
4. Coporate Manager

This committee takes decisions on Diocesan policies and issues which needs major importance.

2. School Management Office

a) Corporate Manager: Manages Appointments,Transfers and over all supervision of the Schools, Constructions, maintenance etc.

b) Executive Secretary: Executes the training programmes of teachers and special programmes and courses for the students.

c) Correspondents: There are 2 correspondents who are retired hands and experts in the department of education.

d) Office Secretary: Doing Typing , Maintains different accounts and all the office works.

e) Computer Operator: Doing Samanya online works etc.

3. Appointment of Teachers

Appointments of teachers and non teaching staff are done according to the K.E.R. (Kerala Education Rules).

4. Schools Infrastructure Development Fund

All the staff members contributes a fixed percentage from their salaries for the infrastructure development of the schools. This fund is utilised for constructing new buildings wherever necessary.

5. Scholarship for Higher Education

The teachers contribute their one day salary for helping next generation providing scholarship for students to bring them up in the society.

6. Karunya Sparsam (Year of Mercy Memorial Relief Fund)

Teachers contribute an amount yearly to help the children who need medical help.

II. Training Programmes

a) KCSL (Kerala Catholic Students League): Providing Training and Programmes for the catholic students based on life values - Faith, study and service.

b) Balavedi: Provides value based programmes and training for all the lower primary students at our schools.

c) Moral Science: Guides the students in formation and development of their morality and personality.

d) English Fest: Programmes for improving the students english language.

e) Teachers’ Guild: It is the coinonia of the teachers and non teaching staff in our schools. It organises different programmes for strengthening the teachers. Training Programmes, Seminars, Annual Retreats, Competitions, Celebrations etc. are conducted.


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